July 2014-New additions to National Executive Committee

The Modern Whig Party wants to welcome Joe Brown to the National Executive Committee. Joe Brown will be serving as the MWP's new Director of Internet Operations. Joe will be working with the Internet Operations team to overseeing the MWP website and other Internet activities.

Modern Whig Party of Delaware helping out environment Modern Whig Party of Delaware is a good example to all Whigs, Whig state chapters, and supporters across the nation in how you can get involved in your community. They are helping out their environment by adopting a highway in Delaware. By adopting a highway, Delaware Whigs volunteer to keep a stretch of highway clean from debris and litter.

The Opportunity Coalition: President Obama should emulate the Whigs

David Brooks writes in the New York Times that President Obama should follow the Whig tradition of "economic advancement and social mobility" to help address issues the nation faces. Read more at:



Modern Whig Party growth from 2013 continues into 2014

Over the last several months, the Whigs have seen a significant increase in membership and support. The Whig message of a moderate pragmatic approach to government highlighted by focusing on logic, reason, and collaboration over ideology continues to gain traction across the nation. Political developments like the government shutdown this past year and the historic election of the first Whig in almost 160 years has also helped to drive this growth.

Modern Whig Website Upgrades

Update: The upgrade went as planned, and was much shorter in duration than expected. We are now fine-tuning things but in the meantime you should have a better experience. Please let us know if you have problems.

Memorial Day: Remember, Honor, and Act

On this and every Memorial Day, may we honor and remember those of us who died fighting for the freedoms that we are able to enjoy today. While we visit with friends and families and enjoy our time together, let us remember those who sacrificed their time and lives with friends and family. May we not just remember their death but their lives, lives that were defined by action. Their lives must be remembered for the noble action of fighting for those who couldn’t fight for themselves, here in America and abroad.

Helping people affected by Boston Marathon explosions

In this time of distress for the people of Boston and those affected by the events at the Boston Marathon the best help we can give is through action. Please visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS to give blood, donate, or find out ways you can help. If you need help finding a loved one or friend who might have been affected by the events please use the Red Cross People Finder or text them.

Modern Whig Party expands into Nevada and is officially recognized

Las Vegas, NV ( November 28, 2012 -- The Modern Whig Party of America is pleased to announce that the State of Nevada has officially recognized the Whig Party of Nevada as an official party. The Whig Party of Nevada is currently headed up by Jim Bacon, a U.S. Navy veteran and computer programmer. Jim Bacon had this to say in regards to the future of the Whig Party of Nevada, "The Modern Whigs are a natural fit for Nevada. Our message that individual liberty requires personal responsibility will resonate well with both rural and urban Nevada."

Thank you to all veterans

No words can ever express or be adequate to thank the veterans of the United States military. Our veterans and their families have sacrificed much in order to ensure that we can live our lives not only in peace but in a land where tremendous personal opportunities are possible. Thank a veteran today and this week, volunteer with the VA. Show them through words and actions your appreciation. This is a good way to thank them because they swore to defend use with their words and have done so with their actions.

Remembering 09-11-01

May we never forget 09-11-01 and those who tragically died that day. May we remember their families and pray for or wish them continued comfort. May we also remember those who have died serving our nation since then, those who have defended us so that we may live in peace. We must always remember their sacrifice and pray or wish comfort to their friends, families, and loved ones. We must honor their spirit with our spirit and honor their actions with our actions, each and every day.

Library of Congress archives website of Modern Whig Party’s presidential candidate, T.J. O'Hara

Washington, D.C., September 4, 2012 -- The United States Library of Congress announced that it is archiving the website of independent presidential candidate, T.J. O'Hara, for historical purposes. O’Hara recently received the endorsement of the Modern Whig Party. It represented the first endorsement of a presidential candidate by the Whigs since the 1850s.

Michigan Whigs officially recognized in Michigan, candidates can run as Whigs on the ballot

The MWP of Michigan has made great strides in advancing the Whig cause and message. As of August 9, 2012 the Modern Whig Party of Michigan is an officially recognized political party in the State of Michigan. This status will allow our members to run for office under the MWP on the ballot! Also in conjunction with this, we have launched our new website, If anyone is willing to help spread the word, please email me and I will send out printable flyers that you can post around town to help drive traffic to our site and grow our membership.

A message of appreciation from T.J. O'Hara

A message of appreciation from T.J. O'Hara-

August 16, 2012

I want to thank the Modern Whig Party for its support of my candidacy for the Office of President of the United States. I am deeply honored to have earned your endorsement.

Modern Whigs support T.J. O'Hara for President of the United States in 2012

The Modern Whig Party is pleased to announce our support for T.J. O'Hara for President of the United States for the 2012 Presidential Campaign. We would like to thank all of the candidates who sought our support. The quality of candidates this year has been truly remarkable.

Modern Whigs continue to expand

Just in the last several months the Modern Whigs have added new chapters or state leaders to Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin.

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