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Modern Whig Party of America Announces Endorsements


Modern Whig Party of America Announces Endorsements

In a Sept. 19 press release, the Modern Whig Party of America announced its endorsement of three candidates for Congress in the upcoming November elections: Greg Orman of Kansas and Larry Pressler of South Dakota for United States Senate, and Mark Bray of Alabama for the House of Representatives.

“We have chosen these three candidates so far because they mirror Whig values and ideals,” said Michael Burger, National Chair of the Modern Whig Party (MWP). “They all fit the fiscally conservative and socially moderate profile at the heart of our party.”

Modern Whig Party of Kentucky and Modern Whig Party of America “endorse” Gil Fulbright for U.S. Senate

August 2, The Modern Whig Party of Kentucky and the Modern Whig Party of America  are proud to announce their endorsement in the 2014 Kentucky Senate race. Though Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Allison Lundergan-Grimes are the most prominent names on the ballot, we feel as though political newcomer Gil Fulbright is more deserving of our endorsement and “votes”.

Modern Whig Party Creating an Army of Volunteer Support for Veterans Seeking Healthcare

On Monday, July 28, US Congress unveiled an agreement through the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees to reform the beleaguered Veterans Administration. The measure comes in the wake of a recent scandal involving health care access, whistleblower retaliation, and cover-up. At least 40 deaths are attributed to delays at the Phoenix facility alone. And, according to an internal VA audit, more than 120,000 veterans faced lengthy wait times or given no care at all.

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