Michigan Whigs officially recognized in Michigan, candidates can run as Whigs on the ballot

The MWP of Michigan has made great strides in advancing the Whig cause and message. As of August 9, 2012 the Modern Whig Party of Michigan is an officially recognized political party in the State of Michigan. This status will allow our members to run for office under the MWP on the ballot! Also in conjunction with this, we have launched our new website, www.MIWHig.org. If anyone is willing to help spread the word, please email me and I will send out printable flyers that you can post around town to help drive traffic to our site and grow our membership. I highly encourage everyone to step up and help; this is very easy and requires little time.

In Your Service,
Greg Schlitt
Acting Chairman
Modern Whig Party of Michigan
Email: MichiganModernWhig [dot] org
Website: www.MIWhig.org
Twitter: @MIWhig
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Modern-Whig-Party-of-Michigan-Official/3842311649...

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