Electoral & Voting Reform

MWP espouses the adoption of Approval Voting as a necessary change to our electoral system. This seemingly subtle, yet fundamental reform will serve great ends including making voting one's conscience more meaningful, mitigating the polarizing effect of plurality and making the system more competitive - all of which ought 'conspire' to make for a truer representation of the peoples' wishes. Citizens can read more about it here: www.nationalrenewal.org

And see a sample video here : http://www.nationalrenewal.org/node/36

Reframing the "point of sale" of the electoral process is fundamental to almost every aspect of the whole electoral system. Therefore MWP advocates "grabbing the bull by horns" as the only way to wrestle it back under citizen control and begin to work on other fundamental changes demanded "by the rest of us". Reforms such as ballot access or neutralizing the perverting effect of money can be only be dealt with effectively after this fundamental ballot reframing is in place. It can be compared thus: in as much as economic competition is viewed as an economic benefit to consumers, so can purer competition of ideas be viewed as resulting in better governance to citizens. Adjusting the ballot is indeed the keystone to the whole crossbridge.

One man, one vote truly ought be re-framed in a proper 21st century, mathematically optimized fashion as as "One Candidate, One Vote". ( Professor Brams' words). This drives to the core of better citizen representation.

MWP is drawing upon the work of Professor Stephen J Brams and Dr. John Wilhelm, both of whom represent the pinnacle of expert opinion in this area. Their work serves as our "Bible" and they as our "Rabbis". We thank these great citizens for their contribution to our Republic.

To access Dr Wilhelm's book click on the link entitled " Third Parties and Voting Reform" off his website.

Professor Brams' book entitled "Approval Voting" should be considered required reading for anyone wanting to delve into the more deeply technical and methodological underpinnings of the MWP position.

MWP National and each state chapter will be actively promoting Approval Voting (AV) intiatives as the first and most fundamental reframing of our electoral system. Not only is AV mathematically optimal , it is also easy to understand and simple to implement. Win. Win. Win.

Information on other alternative voting systems can be accessed via these links*:





Free & Equal Elections http://www.freeandequal.org/

Free the Vote North Carolina http://www.freethevotenc.com/

Free the Vote North Carolina Coalition http://www.coalition.freethevotenc.com/

* Some of the views expressed by these organizations or members of these organizations do not necessarily represent the views of the Modern Whig Party of America or its members.*

LASTLY - We will be posting here the text of proposed state-level legislation which we will be promoting here in NY. This was provided by Professor Brams' book, "Approval Voting". We cannot guarantee it will be properly worded for all 50 states, but it is a starting point for all to borrow.

Additionally, with Dr. Wilhelm's help, we will be crafting a national ballot reframing bill, and it will also be posted here for all our members to submit to their own Senators and Congresspersons during the MWP directed national press campaign. Details soon to follow.

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