Member Action Center

The Whig Member Action Center is the one stop place for members to get involved with the Modern Whig Party. Here you will find forums to communicate, civil debate, organize meetings, organize volunteer efforts, and get involved in being a vital part of the democratic process. You will also find (as they are developed) training videos, information and how to’s on running for office, flyers, handouts, and powerpoints that will help you get involved in your local area. The Whig Member Action Center is home to our Whig Methodology, which relys on YOU to help create Whig thinking and acting.

MWP Philosophy and Methodology (Power Point)729 KB
Membership Primer (PDF)183.83 KB
Modern Whig Party Key Points (PDF)9.56 KB
Getting Started In Your Area (Power Point)261 KB
Starting a Whig Organization.pdf130.22 KB
NY New Coordinator Guide.pdf166.83 KB
Modern Whig Basic Flyer (PDF)20.98 KB
MWP Membership Registration Form (PDF)103.74 KB
Whig Meeting Flyer Version 1 (MS Word)38 KB
Whig Meeting Flyer Version 2 (MS Word)39 KB
MWP Info Business Card (PDF)182.12 KB
Whig Leadership Application (MS Word)126.5 KB
MWP handout 1.pdf84.24 KB
MWP_Intro_Card_3_italic.dotx (MS Word)75.46 KB
TweetInfo-CNN-FOX-ABC-CBS-PBS-_0.pdf217.27 KB

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