Terms of Use

The Modern Whig Party (the website) is at present a privately run website that is meant to promote the discussion of various ideas and beliefs. Opinions expressed are solely those of the poster and do not in any way imply the endorsement of the operator of the website.

You should recognize that open and free discussion is desired and encouraged. You should also recognize that discussions must be conducted with respect given to all participants. Any content that is deemed to be essentially disrespectful or an ad-hom attack is subject to deletion at the sole discretion of the website owner. Users of the website may suggest removal of material deemed to be offensive, but there is no assurance given that such action will be taken.

The website collects various information as part of the normal operation such as IP addresses and certain personal data such as birth dates. This information will not be shared with any third parties other than what might be required to satisfy law enforcement actions.

By using this website you agree to the intent stated above and further agree to hold the website harmless should you overstep the bounds of what is legal (including, but not limited to the posting of copyrighted material that you are not entitled to.)

These terms and conditions are evolving and the website reserves the right to post new terms and conditions as needed.

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