Veterans Affairs Assistance

The Veterans Affairs Assistance Committee of the Modern Whig Party exists to help Whig veteran members and veterans who are not members with veterans’ issues. The committee will organize the Modern Whig Party response to difficulties that veterans may be having with their benefits or any other veteran issues. The Committee will also help veterans’ families as well. The Veterans Affairs Assistance Committee also is able to help active duty military as well as their families.

The committee is made up of Whig members who are veterans or active duty and have experience dealing with the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs. The committee will listen to requests for help on behalf of the Modern Whig Party and then recommend a course of action for the party to take.
How can the Veterans Affairs Assistance Committee help? We do not promise anything but we will use our membership size and media connections to bring pressure against those who are hindering our veterans, active duty military and their families in a way that is not right.

For more information on how you can help out please contact us.

Department of the VA update

Beginning October 1, 2011 you can use your Post 9/11 Gi bill for On- the- Job-Training, apprenticeships, and non-college degree programs.

Useful link for Veterans
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Useful link for Jobs and Internships, Assistance in Transitioning from Combat to Career and other useful information for Veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq.

What’s happening In the MWP Veteran Affairs?

Currently the Veteran Affairs Department has been working on laying out a Standard Operating Procedure to handle each Veteran/ Active duty Issue. We have laid out some simple subjects that we can help with. They are as listed below:

Educational Benefits

Health and Well Being (V.A .Medical)

Burials and Memorials

Compensation& Pension

Vocational Rehabilitation

Life Insurance ( Service members' and Veterans' Group Life Insurance , Traumatic SGLI, Veterans Group Life Insurance, Insurance for Service-Disabled Veterans)

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