Whig Academy

The Whig Academy are member and candidate training programs. The Whig Academy will be a free education that is open to Whig members and Whig candidates. Certain modules will also be open to any citizen wishing to learn.

The Whig Academy will train members to become Whig leaders within the Modern Whig Party and more importantly within their communities.

The Whig Academy will also help train Whig members who are interested in running for office. The training will include programs and classes in Government Fiscal Administration. Public Policy, American Foreign Policy, Public Speaking, Fundraising and Election Filing, Campaigning and Winning, Critical Thinking and Policy Formation.

** Make sure to answer any questions that are asked during the lesson. They are generally mulitple choice. Email the National Chair with your answers. Then follow the directions and proceed to the next lesson. The National Chair will provide you feedback based on your answers**

Module One: Leadership
Lessons 1-17

Module One Leadership Lesson One.pdf296.05 KB
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