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April 2011

Mike McConnell of WGN 720 Radio interviews National Chairman, Andrew Evans

October 2010

Roanoke, Virginia (October 27, 2010) Independent candidate Jeff Vanke running under the banner of the Modern Whig Party was featured in a CNN story today entitled, “Sick of Dems, GOP? There’s hope” about the growing trend towards independent candidacies across the country.

September 2010

Will Cain, of the National Review and Off the Page interviews Modern Whig chairman Andrew Evans

AUG 2010

The Wall Street Journal recently featured this party, its two public officials and its Congressional candidate on the front page.

MAR 2010

TIME Magazine rates the Modern Whig Party as one of the “top 10 most popular political movements worldwide.” TIME also declares that “They’re back!”

JAN 2010


“Bring back the Whigs!!”

DEC 2009

Eastern Echo (MI)

“Modern Whig Party moderates’ new ally.”

OCT 2009

The Trentonian

“The reason for ending the political bickering is so we can have fiscal responsibility.”

OCT 2009

The Star-Ledger

The Modern Whig Party, a group created last year by returning U.S. war veterans…”

OCT 2009

KVI 570 AM (Seattle)

The Modern Whig Party was featured in a drive-time broadcast for the Fox News radio affiliate in Seattle.

SEP 2009

Marietta Daily Journal

Modern Whig Party Recruiting in Cobb (County, Georgia): “We will get a great response, I have no doubt about it. The question is one of innovation. (The) Whig Leadership group will develop, post, improve and eventually endorse solutions and plans for the fixing of the defined problem. When everything is said and done, we will have the best solution to a problem, not an ideological stance. We are, internally to the party, replicating a working republic, which is what the Founders had intended all along.”

SEP 2009

Westfair (NY) Business Publications

From the editorial staff: “This movement values common sense, rational solutions ahead of ideology and partisan bickering. Hmm, isn’t that what the Democratic and Republican parties used to espouse?”

AUG 2009

WHBC News Talk 1480 AM

The Modern Whig Party was featured on a popular Canton, OH radio show hosted by Ron Ponder.

AUG 2009

Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)

“The party’s platform includes practicing fiscal responsibility, developing practical sources of alternative energy, increasing public and private support for education and scientific research and advocating for veterans.”

AUG 2009

Mountain View Telegraph (NM)

“…one of the country’s up-and-coming political parties, the Modern Whig Party.”

AUG 2009

Phoenix New Times

“The Modern Whig Party’s basically a hybrid of traditional GOP and Democratic Party values, and hopes to draw voters who jump back and forth between the two major parties — especially on issues like fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, and social progression.”

AUG 2009

Eyewitness News 4

The Modern Whig Party was featured on New Mexico’s local NBC affiliate.

JUL 2009

Albuquerque Journal

“New Mexico’s newest political party just goes to show that you can’t keep a good name down. Expect the Whig Party in New Mexico to take on political corruption, argue for a balanced budget…”

JUL 2009

Les Merritt from the Foundation of Ethics and Public Service featured the Modern Whig Party in a segment on the “rebirth of the Whigs.”

JUN 2009
Fox News Radio

The Modern Whig Party was discussed on the “Tom Sullivan Show.”

MAY 2009
Arizona Daily Star

“The Modern Whig Party is coming to Tucson… The party is progressive on social issues and conservative on government spending and efficiency.”

MAY 2009
WTFK 107.1 FM & WJNC 1240 AM

The Modern Whig Party was featured on “Viewpoints” with Lockwood Phillips.

MAY 2009

The Modern Whig Party was featured on “A Different Perspective” with Jack Hart.

MAY 2009

“Make no mistake. These aren’t a bunch of dreamers. They started helping veterans and their families and continued to do so, and now their message is going mainstream. They’re busy crafting a political movement they say is “… realistic, rational and places common-sense ahead of ideology.”

Imagine that? Sounds like a party for the people. It also sounds like a party that could attract disillusioned moderate Republicans. After all, the Whig Party is where the Republican Party originated. I’ll bet some right-leaning Democrats will (or already have) found this middle-of-the-road party attractive as well.”

MAY 2009
Oregon Commentator

“They’re back! The Whigs, that is.”

APR 2009
The News & Observer

“Whigs Rise Again: Tired of Democrats and Republicans? Do Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Ann Coulter and Rachel Maddow leave you cold? Well, it may be time to bring back the Whigs.”

MAR 2009
The Examiner: Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan resurrect Whig Party

“Without being antagonistic, they are focused and our (Democratic and Republican parties) better pay attention.”

MAR 2009
The Huffington Post

“Usually, when a party becomes so impotent, its leaders so misguided, that it can’t even provide a coherent alternative to the status quo, that’s when there’s a chance for a new party to make its move. Jefferson got it done. So did Lincoln. Now it’s your turn.The rise of the Whigs starts with you. Make it happen.”

FEB 2009
The Richmond Daily News

“If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he might find some familiar welcome company in Missouri. The Modern Whig Party has made a revival, and… party members are trying to make some noise politically just as Lincoln did in his career.

FEB 2009
KRMS News-Talk 1150 & 97.5 FM

The Modern Whig Party was featured on “Morning Magazine with Michael McSorley.”

FEB 2009
St. Joseph (MO) News-Press

“But the modern incarnation of the (Whig Party) plans to hang around, urging rationality in place of ideology and labeling itself ‘a party for the rest of us.’”

JAN 2009
Huntsville Voice

“…the Modern Whig Party is already recognized as the fastest-growing mainstream political movement in the country.”

NOV 2008
Miami New Times

“So maybe instead of trying to re-engineer the inner-workings of the Republican party, voters should leave it in mass. May we suggest the Modern Whig Party? Unlike most third parties, this one actually has a platform that many Americans can agree with… As a friend of mine said, ‘It’s like their platform is talking to me like it’s my pal.’

OCT 2008
Illinois Radio Network

“The original party of Abraham Lincoln is making a comeback, in the form of the Modern Whigs.”

SEP 2008
The Examiner

“In the United States, (the Modern Whig Party Florida Chapter) has made a sort of comeback among voters searching for alternatives.”

SEP 2008
The Other Paper (Columbus, OH)

“…the party initially was reorganized as a military advocacy organization, but grew into a 10,000-strong grassroots party—of which more than half are affiliated with the military—with a general platform of fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and bold social progression.”

AUG 2008
Independent Political Report

“…America’s freshest and perhaps most innovative political party.”

JUN 2008
Military Times: Modern Whig Party has appeal to some troops; no candidates yet, but with moderate stance, it’s starting to catch on

“The Modern Whig Party, which claims that ‘about a third’ of its… members are active or reserve service members, takes a consciously middle-of-the-road and independent stance.”

JUN 2008
The Oregonian

“The Modern Whigs, not to be confused with a couple of fringe parties that also use ‘Whig’ in their names, is focused on a lot of military issues. Sometimes it breaks Republican and sometimes it breaks Democrat.”

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