Why did the punk rocker cross the road?

He was stapled to the chicken.

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How many Punk rockers does it take to cross the road?

20, 1 to cross the road and 19 to call him a sell out.

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Because she was told she ought not. IRREVERENCE RULES!

For the record, I "cut my teeth" on the Sex Pistols when I was 16, in the 70's.

I'm so pretty, oh so pretty, PRETTY VACANT!

Gotta love that stuff!

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Punk Rock is not what it used to be.
And because of that I got the Joke.
I had been listening to what is now called "Punk Rock" thinking Geez it is about time that some bands got back to what Rock and Roll was about. Then my then 16 Year Old, now 19, broke the bad news to me, indeed, Dropkick Murphy’s, Flogging Molly, and the Tossers are considered Punk.
Impossible I say, they can actually play instruments, are reasonably able to carry a tune, and actually use rhyme, verse and melody!
And I think the Joke is about a Band I actually like very much, the Offspring, who have been around since I joined the Army in 1984, and have been called sellouts the last 4 times they have released an album. I think they just grew up and learned how to play.
Or as Five Finger Death Punch proudly proclaimed, I am not selling out, I am buying in.


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