Does the Modern Whig Party ever intend to have candidates for either state or federal office?

The Whigs have already run candidates for state and federal office starting back in 2008. The Whigs ran candidates for state and federal office also in 2010. These candidates ran as independent but were either Whig members or Whig supported independent candidates. In 2012, the Whigs also are running several state and federal candidates. These candidates can be viewed under the "Candidate" section of the website on the main navigational bar.

The Whigs already have one election victory; Ken Belcher won as constable for Lee County in Alabama back in 2008.

Andrew Evans
National Chairman

Greg Schlitt
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Will the MWP support any candidates in local races? ie county government or local municipalities? If so, how does one go about getting the support of the party?

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That's easy cut me a check and you're in! You think that's funny!? Up here in NY, the real line is ( and I wont mention the party as this is public ), " Cut my wife a check and we'll endorse you." Welcome to the third world, eh? a huge wtf when I heard that.

Anyway, no such nonsense, BUT MWP needs to ensure its the right contest ( a win is doable) and that we have a true, authentic modern Whig as the citizen/candidate. Andrew or I can email you our candidate questionnaire.

You've done your strategy/tactics homework ( due dilligence!), and this is a battle we can win or at least make a TON of noise in? First prerequisite.

Gene Chaas, CFA
Charter Member of MWP (2008)

NY Whig - State Committee Chair

MWP - Northeastern Regional Chair/National Treasurer


DaltonH (not verified)

Thanks a lot for the candidates list! I'm not too an active participant of the political life, but still it's always very interesting to read such info in the web. Great blog!
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