How are the Modern Whigs different from America's major political parties?

Modern Whigs are citizen-legislators with a deep respect for the vocation of public service who clearly distinguish themselves from other parties in the following ways:

Whigs are the only party whose agenda includes fundamental political reforms without which nothing else will change;

Whigs are not interested in power, they are interested in governing;

Whigs do not argue about whether government should be “big” or “small”, but whether it is doing its job;

Whigs seek public office in order to solve problems and not in order to impose their ideological, religious or other views on their fellow citizens;

When solving problems, Whigs rely on fact instead of fiction, use reason instead of dogma, and judge solutions based on evidence instead of slogans;

Whigs do not accept undislcosed money from corporations, lobbyists, unions or special-interest groups, and limit themselves to public financing and individual donations;

Whigs practice what they preach: they do not say one thing when running for office and do another thing once they are in office;

Whigs are committed to an ethical approach to politics based on the principles of meritocracy and integrity, the cornerstones of the Whig Philosophy.

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Well, thanks for this observation!
I love this point about solving problem. Would love to believe it's true.

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The biggest challange of the Whig Party will be to resist political contributions.  In our current political system money creates votes.  Our best chance of makeing a difference is to find a way to limit Political Contributions so that every campaign has the same amount of money available. 

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