What about the environment?

While we are not a "green" party, the Whig posture on energy independence and alternative fuels can be considered a "green" position. Modern Whigs view it as more of a national security/economic issue to be sure, and the reduced carbon footprint is a great side payment.

Many nations have set targets and we should be able to trump them all by espousing a " 25% by 20 " program where we set the goal at 25% of our petroleum liquids consumption by 2020. By then 2nd and 3rd gen biofuels ( not made from harvested corn!) should be well into their commercial phase.

Yet while the nation is replete with natural gas and natural gas liquids in the shale layers, Whigs feel that this extractive industry needs to be cautious of using hydraulic fracking near aquaphers. Last we checked, water was more essential to life than gas. Additionally, the extraction of gas using fracking generates a massive carbon footprint. Excluding the oil and gas indsutries from Clean Water Act requirements needs to be revisited.

Alternative energy as a reply to environmental concerns? If you consider that the U.S. consumer is generally not aware that the cost of that gallon of gas should include the approximately 10,000 of our sons and daughters who sacrificed their lives in the Middle East, you can see why we view alternatives to Middle Eastern oil as such a critical component. The loss of 10,000 souls IS an environmental disater.

Carbon tax credits we are undecided on. Many of us feel its simply another tool for large Wall Street firms to trade in, no more and no less. This, in effect, becomes a regressive tax on the poorest rural citizens, just as speculation in oil futures has dramatically raised the cost of gasoline at the pump before.

As plastics consume near 50% of every barrel of oil produced, we as a nation should consider some old fashioned glass solutions, in addition to bolstering recylcling efforts. Plastics can be reused or made into diesel fuel ( reclaimed).

Whether it is a false binary or real, oftentimes environmental concern run head to head with economic concerns. Modern Whigs feel we should explore these "compromises" in a more formal, non-adversarial basis.

While "nuclear" is a bad word today, smart design small scale plants may still have a future BUT the process needs to be corrected.

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