What does it mean to be centrist instead of leftist or rightist?

From the website of the former American Centrist Party, which merged with the Modern Whig Party in 2010: Centrist - n. One who takes a position in the political center.

That is the technical definition of a Centrist. "One who takes a political position in the center?" What is the center? Let's take a more deliberarte look. A Centrist is someone who does not hold themselves to the party politics of the left or right. Being a Centrist allows you to have your politics a la carte, to have the freedom of political thought. A Centrist can support some liberal principles and some conservative principles while having the freedom to disagree with both. A Centrist cares about finding the right workable solution to a problem regardless of whose idea it is, or whether it is from the right or the left, or from anywhere else.

The Whigs are not centrist in that we just support a mixture of left and right positions and policies as some groups out there might. While some may disagree on what exactly centrist policy is, the Whigs know what is most important: the process and methodology to find the most effective policies, and engaging citizens to participate more in the process.

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Webmaster please correct the spelling of the word "centrist". Thanks.

It would be really nice not to feel like I was choosing the lesser of two evils every time I go to vote.

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The solution to that dilemna, quite specifically, is APPROVAL VOTING on the ballots.

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