What is your mission statement?

We don’t have a mission statement in the classical sense, but our goal is to serve the American people, first and always. The following is taken from our “What we believe” section of our website.

The Modern Whigs are a pragmatic, common sense, centrist-oriented party where rational solutions trump ideology and integrity trumps impunity.
Whigs believe it is critical for citizens to re-engage in civic affairs with new tools. Citizens' reliance on proxy political parties as their proxy has in large part caused the mess we're in. (Whig Academies)

Whigs believe that focusing on the processes of governance and refocusing political participation in America, is the ONLY proper long term solution to enable truly effective public policy and better governance. (Modern Whig Philosophy - methodology not ideology)

Andrew Evans
National Chairman

Joined: 08/28/2012

I would like to submit this as a potential mission statement:

"Our main mission is to hold the two parties accountable."


Paul Wittkamm

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