Is the "Whig Academy" still a viable, future possibility?

The Whig Academy is viable. It is more than a possibility it is happening. Something like this takes a long time and extensive development before launching it. We are reaching out to policy experts and think tanks to see if they want to participate. We are also reaching out to colleges and also members with campaign experience to participate. We have the general outlines of what will be involved with the Academy and now we are working on fine tuning the actual courses within.

We are aiming to have the Academy up no later than Spring of 2012, hopefully earlier in the last quarter of 2011.

Andrew Evans
National Chairman

Joined: 03/04/2012

Any News?

Maybe you can get these organizations:

Center for American Progress

Americans Enterprise Institute

Economic Policy Institute

National Priorities Project

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Reason Foundation

Bipartisan Policy Center

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