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Washington State Whig

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Joined: 02/13/2012

My name is Brandon D. Jones, I live in Western Washington and am in the process of trying to be vetted as a candidate with the MWP in the 25th Legislative District (Pierce County, WA).

I am a (soon to be) Medically Retired NCO, and Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. I have been somewhat active in politics within my district and state; and have become horribly frustrated with both parties and the grudges that exist between the two. I traditionally identified with the Republican Party, though I am not a "party line voter".

Washington state has been a traditional "blue state", but the voting numbers here have been on a steady decline for years. In speaking with my neighbors and others in my district, it is not that they do not want to vote; but that they feel forced to choose between two parties that they do not identify with, and would be inclined to vote for a candidate they can identify with.

I am eager to get going, and get involved. I look forward to representing the people of my state and the Whig movement in Washington.

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Joined: 04/08/2011

WELCOME! Who in MWP are you coordinating with?

I used to be a Conservative, but found a bunch of religion there when I came out of the Army in 1990. Then I found Reps to be, well "too white and paranoid" for me, and then MWP illuminated me with a bit of raw arse truth as to what has been going down and how to rectify the situation. Brother, it aint going to be easy, but nothing worth it, ever is.

Gene Chaas, CFA
Charter Member of MWP (2008)

NY Whig - State Committee Chair

MWP - Northeastern Regional Chair/National Treasurer



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