Where We Stand

Because Whigs value differences of opinion and independent thought, we do not necessarily take a position on every particular issue that may be fashionable for the moment. Instead, we propose a program of broad reforms that we believe will strengthen our country as it faces the challenges of the 21st century.

One thing you will notice as you look at our stances is that we have polls that allow you to vote on what you think about our stances. If you think the stance should be modified we ask you to not just vote for this, but to leave a comment as to how and why. You can then go into our forums and post, civilly debate, and collaborate with others on why you think what you do. You can even go a step further and join the Whigs and help us in our National Associations.

There you will be able to research, civilly debate, and collaborate with fellow members, policy experts, and candidates to help create effective policy based on research, logic, and rational approaches. These tools will give you, the citizen, one of the most effective ways to be involved in politics and government which is essential for our democracy to be renewed and to thrive.

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