The Whig Plan

We share the vision of the Whigs who have gone before us. Whigs have a rich history, from our Enlightenment-era beginnings in the 1600s to today. Our Whig forefathers espoused an enlightened approach to life in order to combat then current prejudices and come closer to the truth. This was not only in the field of science and philosophy, but also in governance. Today, more than ever, it is clear we need to replace the existing "truths" of governance in America with some new ones.

Please consider this thought....

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein

While Modern Whigs will not likely be able to manipulate time, we take this statement of Dr. Einstein to heart. Many, if not all, of the problems we face today stem from the moribund thought processes of entrenched political parties who hold ideology above the heads of their members and the good of the American people.

Can you imagine yourself running for office? Could you endure the scrutiny and dirt digging? When is the last time you truly felt good about a candidate, without reservation. When is the last time you read an impartial informative report on a policy issue? Seems an incredibly tall order, doesn't it? So tall, in fact, that many Americans do not find active participation in governance a rational endeavor. Notice we did not say participation in "politics", as that is not precisely what we have in mind.

The action plan of the Modern Whigs is to redefine what is currently known as political participation as something much more organic and eminently more functional. We feel those qualities are clearly absent today, and are essential for the future governance of a Republic for All of Us.

"Methodology over ideology"

Drew Scholtens - 1st Annual Modern Whig National Conference

How do we get our political information? Are the sources unbiased? Do they look at issues in depth, from an objective perspective? How are our political parties organized? Do they help inform citizens objectively? Do they seek rational solutions built on common ground?

These are all potential downfalls of the current system of political participation in America. In order to effect great systemic change, a very large arsenal of tools is required...

Modern Whig Philosophy creates an opportunity for a new vision of participation in American governance, but the vision needs tools to enable citizens to begin creating it. These tools form part of the core of Whig methodology.

Modern Whigs are organized in a decentralized, organic, grassroots fashion.

The Modern Whig "Tool Kit"

  • Local and state chapters: this where citizen candidates are made - the most important part of the organization!
  • Web-based Member Action Center(MAC)
  • Periodic "Hoot and Hollers", web-based radio/video presentations
  • Public discussion and collaborative forums, web-based and live-based on local chapters
  • Whig Associations: Whig-sponsored forums organized to generate solutions around a specific policy issue, publicly viewable as an informational tool, and accessible by our citizen-candidates for their policy stands.
  • State, regional and national conventions: meet other like minded-citizens and foster action!

We will work from grassroots up. While we will run and support Whig candidates for public service at all levels of government, we will focus first on local and state offices. Our Whig citizen-legislators can gain valuable experience as representatives at these levels. They will show how the Whig philosophy is an American philosophy and it works. Then they will be able to gain experience and support for federal offices.

We will work to redefine the issues facing America. We will look at the core causes of problems, free from emotional or ideological responses, focusing on what is effective. We will help Americans to realize that we all must take responsibility in our nation for its course and future. The Whigs will always be servants of the American people and encourage the American people to take a more active role in the citizen-representative relationship.

America is a great nation and Whigs aim to ensure that future generations can partake in that greatness. Our shared vision of America can only be crafted by the many, in diligent and open-minded collaboration.  Let the work begin!

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