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3 steps to fix the political system the Parties have broken- T.J. O'Hara

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., March 3, 2014 – Our political system is dysfunctional if not completely broken. It has become so corrosive that many citizens have abandoned any hope of changing it for the better. Others are inclined to commit their blind allegiance to a particular Party; convinced that it occupies the moral and intellectual high-ground while the other Party is comprised of only slightly-evolved Neanderthals. To paraphrase Eldridge Cleaver: Neither behavior represents part of the solution, but rather, both are part of the problem.
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In an interview I watched on PBS,someone quoted Thomas Jefferson (I believe) as having said "We are not governed by the majority, but by those who participate".  Unfortunately, many have indeed given up trying to be involved and special interest groups and big money have filled the void. 

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I get the problem but what is a solution?

IMHO, there needs to be a new intellectual framework for thinking about and doing politics. Since all the ideological space is filled up, what is left would appear to be non-ideological pragmatism. Nobody is going to out-conservative the republicans, out-Libertarian the Libertarians or out-liberal the democrats or socialists. The great advantage of non-ideological pragmatism is that it is easily and logically compatible with human biology. Specifically, non-ideological pragmatism can acknowledge and accommodate the ways in which the human mind perceives, or fails to perceive, reality or facts and how it applies, or fails to apply, solid logic to the perceived reality or facts.

Conservatives, liberals and true moderates cannot approach politics in that manner. Their ideology gets in the way and the social science data is rock solid that ideology (normal human biases, most of which are subconscious) distorts both perceptions of reality and logic (http://www.overcomingbias.com/2006/11/foxes_vs_hedgho.html ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thinking,_Fast_and_Slow).

The groups that are first to embrace this are the groups that can influence the course of social progress in this critically important area. I respectfully suggest the Whigs think carefully about this opportunity. Unless I am mistaken, it can be exploited and used as fertilizer for growth. I think this is where society is slowly going, e.g., there are more independents than democrats or republicans. The process really needs to be sped up. The two-party system isn't just broken, it is profoundly corrupt and unacceptably inefficient. Non-ideological pragmatism can at least partially address some or all of the fundamental failings of two-party politics. The question is who, if anyone, will the concept find a home with? The Whigs? The Reform Party? The Centrist Project? No one? My guess is that it won't (can't, actually) be the democrats or republicans.


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Will it take a third - perhaps Whig- party to enforce the Sherman Anti-trust laws?  As monopolistic (vertical and horozontal ) corporations overtake our government they should be dealt with as the threat that they are. If not broken into controllable pieces (which would actually INCREASE shareholder value in aggregate), they should pay very high tax rates or go bereft of corporate protections.  Corporatism should not be the government of the future: We tried it - feudalism. 

Oversized corporations should be buried and small business should again be allowed to thrive.   If "freedom" is desired, this is would be a major avenue on which to focus. To free up small business ventures healthcare should be single-payer, education should not be a bankrupting endeavour, and so many other so-called liberal causes should be supported. (Here we go: as soon as you call for government to serve to the 99%, Koch Kollectivists start their catcalling).   

BTW: Today, if the GOP doesn't plan to derail you and the Dems don't marginallize you, you aren't doing right by the American People. Any reasonable presidential candidate could even make impeachment by the Corporatists part of their platform, plan accordingly and fight back.

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