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CNN's "Outfront" asks "What do you think of the Modern Whig Party?"

Christopher Moloney, writing on CNN's "Erin Burnett Outfront" blog, starts by asking "is it time for a new political party?" and finishes with "What do you think of the Modern Whig Party?" Sandwiched between those two questions is information about how the MWP came about, what its goals are, and how it has moved the values of the Whigs from the 1800s into the 21st century.

Gettin' Whiggy With It is "um... normal" says Comedy Central's Indecision

You have to be happy to have the attention of Comedy Central's Indecision even if the worst that they can say about you is that you are "normal".

Top 10 Alternative Political Movements

TIME Magazine rates the Modern Whig Party as one of the “top 10 most popular political movements worldwide.” TIME also declares, “They’re back!”

Two-party system strangling our democracy - Tulsa World

Interesting article that highlights undemocratic and unrepresentative ballot access issues in Oklahoma and across the nation. Also, mentions the Modern Whig Party and our work to bring innovative and non-radical ideas to government. Like and share!

Millions of California Voters Want Change to the Status Quo - IVN News

I am a member of the Modern Whig Party and a follower of the Reform Party and the Centrist Project. Within the purview of the responsibilities of the lieutenant governor, I have chosen two focuses. "We pay taxes for public universities. Why do our ...

In the Democratic bastion of Philadelphia, voters elect a Modern Whig to ... - Washington Post

Philadelphia elects a Whig; election-judge-to-be says party represents sensible ‘middle path’

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