Gettin' Whiggy With It is "um... normal" says Comedy Central's Indecision

You have to be happy to have the attention of Comedy Central's Indecision even if the worst that they can say about you is that you are "normal". On the other hand, writer Sara Benincasa closes the article with this line: "Just give them [the Whigs] time. They'll be churning out diaper-clad Vitters in no time." In the opening paragraph we learn that people who don't remember the Whig Party (since no one alive today was alive then) are "...the reason America is lagging behind in everything important." The article goes on to describe Modern Whigs as "some people who RESPECT AMERICA" and "...[T]hey're actually not weird LARPers or living history freaks. In fact, they're all about being, um… normal…" Thanks for the kind words, Sara! We hope you'll have more to say (in good fun) in the future about us.

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I suppose there are worse things in life than being "normal."

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I feel like a living historical artifact, if I may,... "diaper clad Vitters"? And LARPrs, which I assume is not "lurp" or LRP? Sarah, it feels like a LRP, it really does. And we'll take normal, whatever that is!

Gene Chaas, CFA
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I used to live in Normal.

But that's about as close as I've ever been.

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LARP - Live Action Role Play

A good example would be "The Masquerade" where players act out being vampires. Another would be Congress where they pretend to govern a country.

Jim Bacon
Chairman, Whig Party of Nevada

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Cute Jim...about Congress I mean

Very Respectfully,
A Modern California Glaucus

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HEY DANGIT!!! I'm a LARPer!! :)


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