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Veterans Benefits Administration Consumer Satisfaction Survey

For all Servicemembers, Veterans, or family members who are currently receiving compensation benefits, please be aware that J.D.

On my way south... Just a little.

For those in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I will be there from April 24th to April 28th.  If you have veterans or military related issues that you wish to discuss, please email me and we can set up a venue so that I can meet with you face to face.  The veterans crisis is not over yet.  If you have VA related incidents to report, or need help getting your disability claim done, let me assist you or refer you to someone local who can help.


Doug Harvey, LTC, MS, AKARNG (RET)

Director of Veterans and active Duty Affairs

Debt Ceiling Again

How is it that our debt stands at 18.1 trillion dollars and it seems that Washington is not paying attention or doing anything to lower the debt?  Earmarks added all over every bill.  We also have so many special programs that are not needed for our nation to move forward.  There needs to be some serious change made in Washington.  We have relied so many times for the Republicans and Democrats to do something.  But now Washington is just managed from one crisis to another there are no real efforts being made to change our dept problem or our economy.  We need some common sense back in Washington.  Not politicians that make it a living.  We need real change in this country.

From the Chair: National Security Before Politics

With the deadline looming to continue funding the Department of Homeland Security without interruption, millions of American citizens are growing increasingly concerned about the safety of our nation. In the face of continuous terrorist threats, the prospect of the government department most directly tasked with preventing their execution being de-funded over a policy unrelated its central mission is unthinkable to the vast majority.

Coming soon to an island near you...

Aloha fellow Whigs and Veterans!  I will be traveling this week to Lihue, Kauai, HI from February 12th to February 17th, 2015.  Any veterans or party members in that area who wish to sit down and discuss issues/ideas please email me at veteransmodernwhig [dot] org and leave a good contact phone number.  Between SCUBA diving and hiking around the rain forest, I'm sure I can find time for some face-to-face meetings in a setting where I don't need to wear my parka.

Note: After posting the above, I noticed that the email address did not come across as intended.  The email address should be "veterans" followed by the "at" symbol "modernwhig" dot "org.


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Steven from California

My name is Steven Butkus. I'm 23 years old and after being fed up with the right-left binary, I branched out and discovered the Modern Whig Party. I work in software and just want honest discourse about our nation and the beliefs of its people.

2nd Amendment questions

How does the Modern Whig Party stand on the Second Amendment right to bear arms? What are your views on the NY State S.A.F.E. Act?

I Have Arrived.

Hello! Im Logan L. Linseisen, Former Tea Party Patriot now a fellow Whig member. Im 14 & from the Houston, Texas area. I'm part of a Youth in politics group and i'm somewhat skilled in politics. I joined the whigs because I no longer fit the Tea Party. I would be glad to answer any questions you have for me and maybe debate? Cheers!

John from Philadelphia.

Hi, I joined this group primarly to network. I have worked as a paralegal and have a good amount of legal exp. I am just posting here to tell everyone that I am tired of this poor economy. I wouldn't mind working on some small projects to help contribute to the social good of this country.

Ultimate Resource list for Veterans

I am a former Navy Corpsman and retired San Diego Police Officer. One of my retired collegues sent this and asked that I forward it to anyone that needs it. Someone put a lot of work into this. If it helps one Vet, it was worth the effort.

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  • National Sales Tax - Part 1   2 days 23 hours ago

    ~~Mr. Bluestreak2k5,

    Your numbers are 100% on.   I cannot dispute that, and as Gene is fond of saying it is in the way of framing it. For which I have failed. (Hey the light came on)  So it looks like I need to add steps to the tax plan to account for these programs also, like I tried to do with steps 3&4.

    But even double the bottom quintile spending power from $9,988 to $19,976 still does not equal their expenditures of $22,154.

    I put this proposal out there again because, “Policy Group” page cannot be found (still) and i thought the roundtables were corrected. So I have two entries Dec 2013, and Mar 2015.  One I saw both entries I stop to wait for the word that the tables are up.

    Now I still have more proposals to post, (the tax plan is not the only one), not only for more and better jobs, but also social programs, such as SNAP, CHIP, WIC to name a few. 

    Now, that I understand exactly what your concerns are, I need to found some way to exempt the bottom quintile, here rather than waiting till later. Maybe you can help me frame my proposal better? And knowing that I have to show something, some exemtion for the bottom until their situation changes, what do you think now?

    I was thinking about my situation, I can buy more at the store while still spending the same amount. With the no more forms of taxes from my check, that about a third more cash in my hand.  My cost of health care will drop (hopefully by half) more money in my hand.  My utilities are less (again hopefully by half) more money in my hand.  Sales tax at 30% (that is the amount I gained from my check), so I am still ahead.  

    This situation works out okay for the second quintile, but not the bottom.  

  • Veterans Benefits Administration Consumer Satisfaction Survey   5 days 10 hours ago

    Great insights! I was really in need of some great insights and information on this topic and I have found it in your article. Keep the great work going in the future as well. Cheers!

    Check this out!


  • Flat Tax   1 week 4 hours ago

    Taxation is the major part of every country where they work for publicaly with there tax. but every country have the different method of tax paying, refund and may of other terms. so, if we talk about Australia taxation, there they have maby easy ways to lodge the tax or refund etc.. read more here Ato Tax Return Online

  • Where's my flying car?   1 week 6 days ago

    I have to agree with your ideas. Inovation has gone down the drain since the middle of the 20th Century. what we need is less regulation and more inonation.

  • National Sales Tax - Part 1   3 weeks 21 hours ago

    This is about as simple as I can get, because your not understanding the burden this will cause on the bottom %.

    http://www.bls.gov/spotlight/2014/high-income-spending-economic-recovery... Chart #7

    Everyone over 150,000 is basically the top 7-8% of the economy, they bring in roughly 2.3 trillion in income, and they spend only 1.2 trillion of that, which is basically 50%. Now you want to tax that at 30%, meaning you are basically taxing them at 15% of income.

    Everyone under 30,000 is roughly the bottom 20-25%, which pay 0 taxes, and are government welfare/ assitance programs. They earn roughly 700 billion, but they spend roughly 1.05 trillion, meaning taxing them on all of their expenditures at 30% would be taking 300 billion out of their 700 billion in income, or roughly 42.85% of their income as taxes, which means you would in effect make them MUCH MUCH poorer then they currently are, requiring them to have government assistance in the form of 600 billion, just to properly maintain their current spending.

    If you do not understand how the "flat tax" you are proposing actually makes things worse, then I'm sorry I have nothing else left to say. All "flat tax" ideas are just proposed as a way to effectively cut taxes on the rich, and make the poor pay more.

  • National Sales Tax - Part 1   3 weeks 2 days ago

    As I said you can still have the IRS to ensure that companies are paying the proper tax amounts, but I would know what that company’s gross sales would be due to their financials.

    My plan does NOT call for “mailed checks” based on income.

    You do not understand what I proposed. By eliminating ALL forms of taxes, the cost of a loaf of bread is now half. Cost Accounting 101.  Now, I have double my buying power, meaning I can know buy two loafs of bread today at the cost of one loaf of bread yesterday. Economics 101.

    I viewed your graph of essentials and housing, transportation/gas, food, utilities, health care, education and clothes will cost half of what they do today.

    So now I have the ability to buy twice as much today as I did yesterday, All the money that is taken out of my pay check today and that’s one-third is now back in my pocket. 

    So what problem does my plan fail to address.

    Again you miss my point. 

    Abolishes/eliminate ALL Corporate tax, Income tax, Unemployment Tax, Social Security & Medicare (F.I.C.A.) taxes, Self-Employment taxes, Workman’s compensation, Alternative Minimum taxes, Property and School taxes, Estate & Gift tax, Capital Gains, Inheritance Taxes tax. Tariff, import or Customs taxes, (electrical tariff) Excise or Hidden or Sin taxes (Travel (Airfare, hotels, rental car) Electricity or natural gas, Cable, Landline phone, Cellphone, Transportation fuels (gasoline petrol, diesel), Alcoholic Beverages, Insurance premium) excises, tariffs, penalties and any and all other tax (whatever it is being called) currently being implemented at the Federal, State and Local level.

    This sales tax would apply to items; sold, leased or rented ONLY.

    Continual exempting non-prepared food; groceries, as well as prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs and school clothing and supplies which is exempted from state sales tax. Add the following to the exempt; health and comfort and nursery items

    Again I double my spending power, lower the cost of living and add one-third of my income BACK into my pay check – real money.

    As for taxing the top 10% you’re still thinking in terms of income. Now, I don’t know if they will spend as much as they earn.

    The Wall Street Journal reports, Consumer spending accounts for roughly two-thirds of U.S. gross domestic product.

    The top 5% of Americans by income account for 37% of all consumer spending. By contrast, the bottom 80% by income account for 39.5% of all consumer spending.

    So that means the top 20% account for 60.5% of all consumer spending. The other third of U.S. gross domestic product is spending by business.

    So yes I think my plan will work


  • National Sales Tax - Part 1   3 weeks 4 days ago

    Now, given the current problems you are trying to address, many of them I agree with, but I see no problem with our current income tax structure, it simply needs to be simplified. This is how I would simplify and solve most of the problems I see:

    1. Eliminate all Capital gains taxes and dividend taxes

    2. Elminate all corporate taxes, except those paid on employees (SS, medicare, unemployment insurance, etc)

    This solves 2 problems, the US corporate tax code is mainly targeted at the largest companies and keeping them afloat, creating unfair competition to startups. The biggest example is corporate debt tax reduction, which allows companies to deduct interest paid on bonds by 40%... However only the largest companies which have sufficient capital and resources are only able to take advantage of this tax deduction, while startups have to primarily be funded entirely by equity. Now since your not taxing corporate income you no longer need to have a reduced capital tax rate as low as 0%, which means it can be taxed at normal levels.

    This would also have the added benefit of greatly reducing speculation by individuals as they would be taxed at 39.6%, instead of 18% or less currently. However, since corporations are now not taxed, you would need to create laws to stop corporations from speculating on stocks/EFT's. To do this we could simply make 2 law that says:

    3. Corporations are not allowed to sell more then .1% of a companies stocks(including their own except for the initial IPO) in a given year, but can buy as much stock as they want. This still allows buyouts and mergers, but effectively reduces the total speculation.
    4. Companies are not allowed to purchase or buy EFT's in commodities that there company does not actively use by definition of 10% of total input materials as a total percent of total output materials.

    This should effectively eliminate all trading in oil, iron, steel, etc by Hedge funds and banks which we have seen large amounts of in the last 10 years, but will allow Steel industries to buy Iron ore and Coal EFT's which they use as their main input. Farmers and individuals are not affected by this because they would fall under the individual, and be taxed at their income % on any EFT trades. Thus a farmer can buy as much Wheat, Corn, etc EFT's as they want, but they are taxed at whatever income bracket they end up in.

    5. Eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax
    6. Eliminate the Mortgage tax deduction, which overwhelmingly helps the upper classes more, and is even advocated by the CBO and other groups.
    7. Make the top bracket based upon a multiplier of the Federal poverty level. I would personally use 15X the poverty level, which would be roughly mean that anyone making above 160,000 would be taxed at 39.6%. If the poverty level were to increase by $1,000, then the rich would be able to pay themselves $15,000 more, conversely the opposite would happen if it fell. This would tie the top 10% income directly to the health of the overall bottom 90%.

    8. 0% tax bracket up to the Federal poverty level (2014: $11,670), allowing the poorest to actually use the money they earn.

    This should result in roughly a revenue neutral or slight reduction of income to the government, but fix massive problems with our tax code, and it would allow massive growth in jobs due to 0 corporate taxes, as well as around 2 trillion in income coming back to the US, which couldn't be paid to CEO's or high executives without paying 39.6% taxes on it, unlike currently. It would also wouldn't allow them to bring back that 2 trillion in income to the US and simply pay to the top executives like it would under your plan because that would be counted as income, while your plan they could pay 0%.


  • National Sales Tax - Part 1   3 weeks 4 days ago

    The IRS would still be needed to properly audit corporations taxes, as not all corporations are subject to such audits. There is no guarantee that the corporations would be sending in their proper tax amounts, as their is no income tax forms to be sent to the IRS. How would you know how much the company made (from the government perspective) when you recieve a check? As such you could never effectively eliminate the entire IRS, but would be able to reduce it by 90% or more.

    Your not understanding the purpose of mailed checks from the "fair tax" idea. Making it so that every single person no matter how rich or poor pays 30% on all sales will create MORE poor not less. To demonstrate this: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/08/very-sad-graph-how-much-americans-have-left-to-spend-after-essentials-today/260606/ You can clearly see that even today anyone who is not in the top 10% (120k+) is paying over 90% of their income to simply stay alive and have eveything they need, while the rich only pay around 60%. Your plan makes this much worse, unless you plan on making all Housing, Utilities, food, etc tax free, which means the poor would pay nearly 0 taxes. This is why under the "fair tax" idea which establishes a sales tax at 23%, they mail checks back to people based on income every single month. Essentially you create our current Progressive tax structure where the poorest pay only 2% sales taxes, while the rich would pay the full 23%.

    Ultimately your plan fails to address this problem, which is why it is worse then the fair tax which I disagree with also.

    The next problem is the WEALTH problem, since you remove taxes on income and estate taxes you enable massive wealth to stay with families for the next 1000 years, and no one will ever be able to compete with them as they eventually control everything in the world. We are already seeing this today and that is why it was established in the first place to stop such WEALTH from effectively staying within families for generations to the point they can create oligarchies/monoplies.

    As for income, the top 10% are the "loaners" and the bottom 90% are the "borrowers", without both of these acting in unison together neither can exist. If the 90% don't have income to spend, the 10% have no one to lend or even expand their businesses for, you are seeing this today because the 10% control over 80% of the wealth in the US, and earn 45% of all income in the US. http://taxfoundation.org/article/summary-latest-federal-income-tax-data

    Your plan assumes that the Rich will essentially spend as much as they earn (45%) however they actually spend much much less, which is why they have so much money, while the 90% spend more then then there share of the income (55%). Thus a sales tax essentially hurts the poor more then helps, and why it recieves no support from those who understand this. Should such a plan be put in place, the 90% would be paying roughly 70% to 80% of taxes, while the 10% would be paying 20-30% because the 10% are the "savers" and "loaners", they do not spend like the 90%. This is the opposite of what currently happens, where the 10% pay 68% of income taxes, while earning 45% of the income, while the 90% pay 32% while earning 55% of the income.

    I pay more then 33% of my income in taxes every year, and honestly I would pay more, I used to pay close to 39% when I lived in manhattan and I still would have paid more, but that does not mean I do not take advantage of opportunities.

  • National Sales Tax - Part 1   4 weeks 2 days ago

    ~~Bluestreak2k5, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I’m not sure if I have express my thoughts properly, so you understand what I am trying to say.

    You do understand that this is a ONE tax system, all other takes are to be removed.  As for “mailed checks”. This was to be a one time thing since the plan is to start in the middle of the year.   If you prefer it can always start “January” the following year.

    And no I did not forget about the poor.  I too am of the working poor class

    If you feel the need to keep the IRS people to investigate tax fraud, I am fine with that.  But as far as collecting taxes, this will be done by the Treasure Dept.  A retail outlet simple mails his check in to the Federal Treasure Dept. as they current do for the State.

    As for the top 1% you are correct.  But what I was after in this part of the plan was to help the poor.  Right now almost one third of my income goes to taxes, so if I can have that money in my pay check, why wouldn’t that be a win for me? If I can buy two loafs of bread tomorrow, at the same cost for a loaf today, why wouldn’t be a win?  

    No, my plan does not call for taxing the 1% investments or their income.  Instead when that 1% spends that “2 trillion dollars in overseas money” they will pay a 30% sales taxes on their toys.

    As for corporations, currently 67 have already change their U.S. citizenship to avoid taxes.

    “Tracking Tax Runaways”

    More large U.S. companies are effectively renouncing their U.S. citizenship by adopting a legal address abroad. They’re being driven away by the highest corporate income tax in the developed world, and helped by a tax code so porous that they can choose from several means of escape. The most popular move, known as an “inversion,” allows a company to change its country of incorporation without a change in majority ownership, management, or headquarters.

    By eliminating all forms of taxes, it will cost the companies half of what it does now to do business. And hopefully they will move back to the U.S. and reemploy Americans at least at a living wage if not a prevailing wages. 

  • Church & State Separation   4 weeks 4 days ago

    I agree with that.

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