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Veterans Burial Information From Matthew Benedict, Deputy Director of Veterans Affairs, MWP

     The following information has been provided by Modern Whig Party Deputy Director of Veterans and Active Duty Affairs, Matthew Benedict.  Matthew works for the Veterans Administration, specifically with the National Cemetery System.  This information has been provided in order to assist family and friends when the inevitable happens.  We hope it is of benefit.



Burial and Memorial Benefits for Veterans


Of Presidents, Politics and People from Other Places

My family hails from Ireland. My mother's parents emigrated to America from County Mayo; my father's, from County Cork. They came to this country early in the 20th Century, in the third big wave or so of immigrants from their country, and found themselves joining a culture which regarded them as little more than the "servant class."

Little Things Help

Little Things Help…


     Part of being the Director of Veterans and Active Duty Affairs for the Modern Whig Party is finding ways for people to help our troops.  I get a lot of questions about which organizations people should donate to, and whether an organization is trustworthy or not.  One of the first organizations that comes to mind is the United Service Organization (USO).

Let's Give 'Em a Hand

Today, as on every Veterans Day, America honored the men and women of the Armed Services. It's surely heartening for our veterans to see the numerous expressions of gratitude on social media, hear the praise of pundits and citizens alike, and generally feel the affection of a grateful nation. It's nice to know you're appreciated.

But once the applause dies down, some stark realities show themselves. The unemployment rate for veterans still remains stubbornly high, and veterans of Gulf War II are still unemployed at a higher rate than the overall civilian population. The story for veterans between the ages of 18 and 24 is particularly gruesome: in 2013, 24.3 percent were without jobs.

Director of Veterans & Active Duty Affairs Recommends Update of Uniform Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act of 1994

As Director of Veterans and Active Duty Affairs, I have to read a lot of articles in a wide range of publications in order to keep up on issues affecting those who selflessly defend our rights and freedoms.  Just last week I was thumbing through the October 27th issue of Air Force Times when I came across an article by Karen Jowers  (kjowersmilitarytimes [dot] com) entitled “Landmark employment law for troops turns 20”.

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Raise the Fuel tax to get infrastructure back on track.

Currently the National Fuel tax is 18.4 cents on gasoline and 24.4 cents for diesel. This tax was last raised in 1993, when the taxes accounted for more then 25% of the cost of fuel (not including state taxes). It has never been raised since, nor is it indexed to inflation, which is why our infrastructure is falling apart. Since 1993 the states have had to raise their own fuel taxes and compete with each other just to keep the highway system operational, but the highway system is bankrupt which is why toll roads are increasing and roads are falling apart.

You can find a summary here: 


Or more detailed information here: 

Mid-term elections 2014 - It'll be different this time? Really?

Why did the GOP win this time, and why will the Dems win next time (and the GOP after that)? Let's just go with short memories and "Hey, let's try the other party we were mad at four, eight, twelve, sixteen...years ago. I'm sure it will be different this time."

Candidate Questionnaire

Does anyone have a good Q and A you send to candidates? I have a local lady that I would like to send one to.


Immigration Thoughts

Hello everyone,

Hi from Tennessee

I guess this is kind of like a political confession of sorts where we all describe out background, then receive our "hugs" in the replies?  

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  • Immigration Thoughts   3 days 7 hours ago

    Hi everyone,

    I tend to agree with bluestreak in the sense that rather than spending billions to resist the inevitable, we would be better served by investing in fixing the inherent problems that causes much of the illegal immigration in the first place. Thus, for all who that are concerned about these people "hurting" America, the "problem" will be solved at the root. I personally hold the opinion, however, the benefits of illegal immigrants outweigh the costs.



  • Immigration Thoughts   3 days 8 hours ago

    Welcome Ryan, personally in my opinion your on the right track.

    For those who disagree with illegal immigrants, we are all illegal immigrants in the US, and we have always been a nation of immigrants.

    To solve the immigration problem is not something we can do in our country, but must be solved in their countries. The 10+ billion spent on building the Mexico Fence could have been better used investing in Mexico and Latin america's infrastructure. Immigrants come here for multiple reasons, some of which are due to them facing certain death in other countries. You should read up on the genocides being committed right now in Guatamela and other places in Latin america. These people are doing everything they can to get into Mexico and US, riding on top of trains, or even hitch hiking. Many of them don't make it, many of them have lost limbs on the trains, and the few who are making it and caught are simply sent back home to face certain death once again. Yet here in the US we aren't even informed or care about it.

    If this doesn't seem like a problem, we did the same thing during WWII with the jews. The american leaders knew bad things were happening to Jews in europe, just didn't know how bad. There were many appeals to open the borders to them exiting Europe to come here and all were shut down. We did nothing, only the best educated were allowed in. History repeats itself, as it is doing now, and yet again the american public is saying no.

    For those who believe that stricter immigration laws are the answer, the good news is we can already see the effects of such actions in Arizona and Alabama who passed very strict laws. The financial fallout from those laws is in the tens of billions per year as millions of tons of food was left to rot in the fields when the immigrants "self deported" themselves out fo the state overnight after the laws were passed. Farmers raised hourly rates, even provided housing, yet no one wanted to do the work. Stephen Colbert even had an episode on the effects of it, as he has been fighting for rights of illegals. Yet most people believe that these jobs will simply be filled up and taken immediately by "americans", but this didn't happen in Arizona and Alabama and we paid the price in lost produce and higher food costs in 2012.

    There is a cost of having them here in America, just like there is a cost of getting rid of them. I would go as far as saying they actually provide more benefits then costs to the US, but I would be in the minority.

    Educate yourself Ryan go out and read about the current issues and figure things out for yourself. Don't take any information for granted.

  • Breaking the Duopoly: The Fight For Third-Party Debate Inclusion Pushes On - Mintpress News (registration) (blog)   3 days 15 hours ago

    Maybe the way to unseat the professional politicians is to go after local positions first. A lot of town selectmen, a few statehouse members, an occasional congressman or woman mght get folks used to seeing Whig candidates. I ran for the Vermont HJouse this past election, as an Independent, as I did not know about the modern Whig party. I find the stated goals very compativle with my own.I've been saying for years that the only way to save the Republic is to destroy the Republican Party as it now exists, and the only way to save Democracy is to destroy the Democratic Party as it now exists. Anyway, in a gerrymandered district, running against a party-line Democrat, financing it myself (I'll be months paying off the Credit card) and with three people helping me part-time, I still managed to take 1173 votes against his 1500. I learned a lot and I will share that with any candidate who supports the stated principles if the Modern Whigs. Lesson 1 !!!! Start organizing for 2016 NOW!!! If you don't know how to make websites, learn NOW!!! (webbuilddr or other programs are good) Contact groups where you might find supporters for local issues. One suggestion that I did not have time for was to form a corporation, so that folks can contribute funds, and know that it is for your campaign and not for your groceries.

  • Are The VA’s Priorities Correctly Set?   2 weeks 6 days ago


    Do any of you know of Whigs or potential Whig Party members

    in the state of Tennessee?  Our legislature, senate, and governor are disasters.  Right wing extremists.

    Our federal officials, congress and senate, save a couple, are disasters, and also right wing extremists.

    We now have an oligarchical governing body.  At best, it is pittiful.  At worst, it is dangerous and

    beyond logic.  Help is needed in several areas: education, health care, common sense, just to name a few.

    I look forward to any and all comments.

    Thank You......

    Ken Austin

    Murfreesboro, Tennessee

  • Affirmative Action   3 weeks 5 days ago

    What is the Whig Party's position/plan for resolving the inequality towards various races that currently still exists in many places within education, the work place, etc.?  I'm not asking what the ideal should be, I believe all of us here would agree on that point, but rather how to make substantial progress towards that goal.  How to get from point A to point B, and beyond.

    I'm currently and independent voter and was unaware of the Modern Whig Party's existence until recently, having seen it referred to somewhere online.  I don't recall where. 

    I'm in the process of learning about the MWP to see if it is where I would be most in fellowship politically.

  • Obama Care seems socialistic in my estimation...   4 weeks 3 days ago

    Leave it to a lobbyist to justify forced participation. All that really needed to be done was reasonably cap profits and overhead that insurance companies can charge or threaten to repeal their monopoly protection. Then pass a law that disallows them to deny coverage. But a law that stretches for thousand of pages and constantly references other laws is a nightmare. And on the subject of monopoly as fun as the game is, when did it become alright for a handful of companies to divide up the country anyway. From where I'm sitting it's dangerous to allow so few people to control such vast resources with such impunity, reminds me of some kind of world run by a hand full of vast empires whose kings make decisions so far removed from the result that they have no concern for the consequences. Hmmm what does that remind me of...

  • Immigration Thoughts   4 weeks 3 days ago

    I'd like to chime in, first of all Americans use to be farmers and butchers, and it wasn't even that long ago. I personally would love to own a piece of land and make a living off of it, but I'm dirt poor and would rather not become and indentured servant like some American farmers are becoming. The issue of immigration is an issue of economy. It's no coincidence that after NAFTA was passed and Mexican farmers were unable to compete with subsidized American agricultural products that American companies began advertising jobs in Mexican papers to entice illegal immigrants who they could pay less for then even the cheapest American laborer. I would propose you go after the suppliers, American companies are breaking the law by hiring illegal immigrants, everyone, for good or worse is too focused on the immigrants. If you make it so insanely prohibitive to hire undocumented workers in any position anywhere in the country, our problem would go away. No work, no undocumented workers. That doesn't solve Mexico's economic problems but one issue at a time. After that you can establish a work program that allows workers from Mexico to work in America provided they are covered by our minimum wage and labor laws.

  • Electoral and Government Reform   4 weeks 3 days ago

    Campaign finance reform:

    In the wake of Citizens United, I believe short of public financing. Spending caps and forcing all spending to affiliate with a campaign would reduce the influence of money and force the campaign to resort to grassroots campaigning to make the most use of their available resources. Increasing citizen participation in government and leveling the playing field for minor parties, who to "political investors" would seem to be a bad investment.  

  • Electoral and Government Reform   4 weeks 3 days ago

    On lobbying:

    The very institution of Lobbying is unconstitutional, anyone who has read the federalist papers should recognize them as the plague upon republics known as faction. They represent a faction interest without regard for the rights of citizens. And so long as they have access to the legislative body that any other common citizen does not have or cannot afford then they wield unconstitutional powers. The framers never meant for men to make a career of manipulating the legislative system who were not themselves elected by the people to do so, but our system has become dependent on this institution. If we are to ever recover the republic that the framers intended, or in fact any republic that is responsive to the people we need to go much further than monitoring and regulating this institution, we must disband it. Without a direct voice in congress special interests will have to join the public discourse and convince the people through proper deliberation that their interest is in the best interest of the republic. So the people can carry their message to the only people who should be making a career of legislation, the elected representatives of the people. If this lofty goal were all the Whigs were to ever achieve I believe that it would be enough to return order and sense to our nation.

  • Mid-term elections 2014 - It'll be different this time? Really?   5 weeks 4 days ago

     I don't want this party to go down as a fringe political movement during the 2010s. I'd love to see us win some seats in Congress, State Legislators, Assemblies, City Councils. I'd like to be a part of a political movement that made America a better place to live. I know that in my home state of New Jersey it's very easy to get on the ballot, so hopefully the NJ Whigs will cook something up. 

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