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Let FREEDOM ring in the Ukraine…and the United States- by T.J. O'Hara

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., March 10, 2014 – The Ukrainian crisis seems to have caught many Americans by surprise, which is surprising in itself…or perhaps just disappointing. Our Nation and its leaders seem to be captivated by the moment; living in a Twitter-like world that carries an attention span of 140 hours instead of 140 characters. While it is discouraging with respect to our citizens, it is totally unacceptable with regard to our Government.

3 steps to fix the political system the Parties have broken- T.J. O'Hara

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., March 3, 2014 – Our political system is dysfunctional if not completely broken. It has become so corrosive that many citizens have abandoned any hope of changing it for the better. Others are inclined to commit their blind allegiance to a particular Party; convinced that it occupies the moral and intellectual high-ground while the other Party is comprised of only slightly-evolved Neanderthals. To paraphrase Eldridge Cleaver: Neither behavior represents part of the solution, but rather, both are part of the problem.

T.J. O'Hara-Will we survive the real Cold War?

Make sure you check out A Civil Assessment by T.J. O'Hara, the first presidential candidate supported by the Whigs since the1850's. T.J. is also the first "virtual President" having won the 2012 online election at www.wewantyou.us


George Washington: America’s last non-partisan President- by T.J. O'Hara

Make sure you check out A Civil Assessment by T.J. O'Hara, the first presidential candidate supported by the Whigs since the1850's. T.J. is also the first "virtual President" having won the 2012 online election at www.wewantyou.us









The marching bands are gone.... can you hear them whispering now? Post Memorial Day thoughts.

As this Memorial Day passes, in the year of two thousand and thirteen, let us take away a contemplation which honors the message of those who passed, and not simply remembers. Over one million souls lost in our history and as you’ve heard this weekend many times we hope, “ They died for our freedom.” True, but not the whole truth.

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Filed to Run for Re-Election to Village Board (City Council)

I filed my election paperwork at the Morrill County (Nebraska) Elections Office yesterday to run for re-election to the Broadwater Village Board (city council) in November. As village trustees in Broadwater are unpaid, there is no election filing fee.

As a third-party candidate, I do not need to run in the upcoming May primary. Only Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Party candidates have primaries in Nebraska. (Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian: I guess that makes me a fourth-party candidate as a member of the Modern Whig Party.)

From Texas, with a young political ally

My name is Coy Keaton, and I live in Texas.  I've joined the MWP because I believe in the constitution and in common sense answers to our problems, achieved by having the people on the left AND the right come together and find what's BEST for America.  One thing I believe that I'm not sure of party position on is that young people need to get more involved, because change comes easier when the young are involved.  I have a friend who is running for city council in District 1 in Big Spring, Texas.


I am interested in helping.  I am more of a behind the scenes kind of a person and enjoy most things technical.  I have some experience in many areas of IT in particular programming and website design.  If you still need some additional help with the website and/or social networking please feel free to contact me.

Arkansas Whigs, Unicorns, and Sasquatch

Let me introduce myself.

Party development suggestions

I am suggesting that We have a Forum topic area for Party, State development information. I also suggest that we develop a better forum. If you have a moment check out the Georgia Forum area at: http://gawhig.createaforum.com/

The regional people should be proactively assisting any non-orginized states with development and creating the State in need. Each region should have a Forum area to help develop the region.

Recent comments

  • Opportunity in California?   1 day 4 hours ago

    I'm in California. I like what the party stands for thus far.

  • Obama Care seems socialistic in my estimation...   1 day 4 hours ago

    I really don't like the idea of supposedly social program. Intended to ease the burden of society, being forcefully mandated on citizens. This program takes money out of the pockets of Americans and places it the hands of start-up insurance companies plain and simple. It's amateur at best and bordering on Facism. It's a blatant deceit and if this isn't what Obama wanted he should throw it out. My instinct tells me he has stake in these start-ups and is due to make a lot of money off his 'social program.' The whole think stinks to high heaven. He can barely keep his story straight. The "it's good for America" line is wearing thin.

  • Let FREEDOM ring in the Ukraine…and the United States- by T.J. O'Hara   1 day 5 hours ago

    That was a pretty informative article. I just came across you guys, ironically I was so fed up I was also thinking of starting a political party called the Whigs. It actually is starting to ring a bell. I like what I see so far it seems like my views are in line with your own. I look forward to finding out more.

  • From Texas, with a young political ally   6 days 1 hour ago

    Thanks coy for your input. I would like that your friend who is running for city council district 1 to contact me directly via Email naoufalhoujamimodernwhig [dot] org :with more infos about him and his agenda...., and we go from their for a possible endorsement. Like always i say : " The friend of my friend is my friend" 



  • So, let us define what our educational chapters should be doing!   1 week 1 day ago

    We've had chairperson both national and here in NY. Look, its takes GOING to a location and organizing. not more chair people.


    WE have sample BYlaws, marching orders as suggestions, etc for anyone who cares to LEAD. I personally havent set any up yet, but I have to deal in terms of triages as an Army of one in NY.

  • Arkansas Whigs, Unicorns, and Sasquatch   1 week 1 day ago

    Wait. I commented on your ideas, they vanished?

    Anyway Welcome James.

  • Question about FaceBook page(s)   1 week 2 days ago

    I noticed that there are G+ pages for the Modern Whigs, but both seem to be unused.  Is there a plan to launch them too?

  • Arkansas Whigs, Unicorns, and Sasquatch   1 week 4 days ago

    Welcome James!!!  It seems like crickets around here.....  I joined not too long ago.  I am hoping someone will start posting a goals discussion and how were are going to get from today to a viable presidential candidate with local and national goals along the way.  I posted some ideas but they vanished from the forum.

  • Education   2 weeks 4 days ago

    You sound like Tea Party to me....

  • Education   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Sorry, but keep your extra 50 grand and stay away from education, because like many who go on about their preferred educational reform, you seem to know very little about what actually goes on in a school, a school board, etc...  the idea that school board members are selected for life is enough to have you institutionalized!  And where are you going to find all of these people who know so much about education to volunteer their time to sit for life on school boards?  Many folks get on school boards to undermine education and education spending, not to improve education.

    and yes, I am a teacher....of American History.



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