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Director of Veterans & Active Duty Affairs Recommends Update of Uniform Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act of 1994

As Director of Veterans and Active Duty Affairs, I have to read a lot of articles in a wide range of publications in order to keep up on issues affecting those who selflessly defend our rights and freedoms.  Just last week I was thumbing through the October 27th issue of Air Force Times when I came across an article by Karen Jowers  (kjowersmilitarytimes [dot] com) entitled “Landmark employment law for troops turns 20”.

Debt Ceiling Again

How is it that our debt stands at 18.1 trillion dollars and it seems that Washington is not paying attention or doing anything to lower the debt?  Earmarks added all over every bill.  We also have so many special programs that are not needed for our nation to move forward.  There needs to be some serious change made in Washington.  We have relied so many times for the Republicans and Democrats to do something.  But now Washington is just managed from one crisis to another there are no real efforts being made to change our dept problem or our economy.  We need some common sense back in Washington.  Not politicians that make it a living.  We need real change in this country.

From the Chair: National Security Before Politics

With the deadline looming to continue funding the Department of Homeland Security without interruption, millions of American citizens are growing increasingly concerned about the safety of our nation. In the face of continuous terrorist threats, the prospect of the government department most directly tasked with preventing their execution being de-funded over a policy unrelated its central mission is unthinkable to the vast majority.

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