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A modern Whig term - LINO - Leaders in Name Only

Ladies and Gentlemen, as we oft reference "faux leadership", or the distinction between true leaders and followers, I thought we might coin a Whiggy phrase here that exemplifies our general view of The Hill - LEADERS IN NAME ONLY - LINO.

Candidly, the clear distinction between leaders and followers didn't hit me until I went through the leadership course in the Whig Academy.I could feel it viscerally, but it wasn't yet defined until then. It suddenly became painfully clear to me what true leadership is, and that we were surrounded by faux leadership or LINO's.

It caused me to wonder, using the proper definition of leadership, which of our most recent Commander-in-Chiefs exhibited true leadership? Bush II? ( the VP was able to lobby him to do anything even by lying!), Clinton ( DOMA was not leadership it was bullship), Bush I ( ?), Regan ( I happily served in uniform under him, but was he only really a mouthpiece ?), Carter ( a great soul but..), Ford ( maybe but too short to judge), LBJ ( he couldn't handle the truth), JFK ( maybe but cut too short)... which runs out to my DOB in 1961.

General Eisenhower? STOP! I do beleive that President Eisenhower might be the last true bonafide leader we've had as C-in-C. It's easy to tell, he ticked off all the elites from both entrenched corporate parties and the military industrial complex ( something our current C-in-C apparently wont touch with a ten foot pole - altough we've ask him to lead on that in the MWP letter to him ).

YEAH GENERAL EISENHOWER! Certainly was no "chickenshit" and served as a fiduciary to the public trust. ( I bet John Martin's expose on campaign contributions leaves Gen Eisenhower choir-boy clean - but I am not certain of that. If so however, we can easily see WHAT is circumventing leadership - MONEY and POWER!).

Seriously, most of our Commanders-in-Chief has been LINOs to some extent, some to a great extent. ( the last four come to mind )

We here at the MWP coin a phrase, TODAY, that may have much, much greater explanatory value than all the other rino, dino, etc, and that is LINO. Leaders in name only.

Published here on the MWP website on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 FOR THE RECORD.

And all our fellow citizens can watch the cliff debates in real time and tell us how right we may be. We are watching LINOs dance. No more, and no less.

If our movement is successful, we will soon be using the phrase WINO was well!


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Love the term.  For the record: Is it pronounced [lahy-noh] as like the British short form of linoleum, rhyming with wino?

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well now layh-noh seems like a typical Brit or Aussie vowel dipthong, whereas this is straight up Yankee long "I"  as in   LIE- NO!  :o)

Double entendre....

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