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To say stay-at-home moms don’t understand is insulting

In a recent letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Sun titled “Stay-at-home moms face less pressure,” the author opened with this remark: “... but until a woman works to earn the money to feed and protect her family, she cannot understand fully the critical need this ailing economy has imposed on so many working women and men.”

I cannot disagree more strongly with that statement.

If we can assume that a stay-at-home mom is likely to be in a relationship with a partner, then she will be very aware of any budget constraints imposed by her partner’s income. It is the mother who is going to know what clothes are needed, what groceries should be replenished, what doctor appointments should be made, etc. All of these things need money that may or may not be available. A stay-at-home mom has the exact same budget worries as one who works.

I will grant that it is possible to argue that a stay-at-home mom does not have the added pressure of a job (and I know some who would say having a job is a relief), but to say she cannot understand how the economy affects her family is an insult of the highest order.

Note: this blog entry originally appeared in the Las Vegas Sun here.

GilbertN (not verified)

I agree with you jim. A stay-at-home mom also have budget worries same with working people. For many moms, budgeting isn't an easy task especially if the family had lots of expenses to be paid. Imagine, she almost carries all the financial burden of the family starting from clothing, food, transportation, education, mortgage and so on. That's why we can't blame them if they're sometimes forced to get a payday loan. It's an easy aid during financial issues.

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Inferring that stay at home moms have more expereince with a budgetary process than most elected representatives. Now, who was bustin' on them again?

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As a "stay-at-home-mom", I must say that I agree with this article. What some people fail to realize, such as the person who penned the mentioned letter, is that there are many "stay-at-home-moms" in this country who were once working... moms or otherwise... and they would looove to be working again. However, if you think it is hard for someone fresh out of college to get a job, or a man with years of experience who has been trying to find a job for over a year to no avail to find a new job after being laid off... try being a mom who politely inquires about a "flexible schedule" or (dare you mention it) the child care options mentioned on said employer's website, and see where that gets you.

I will tell you right now that when the layoffs happen, it is the women with a husband and children who get let go first. Put that into perspective. Yes, it may be illegal, but you know it happens. What makes it legal is that said mother probably took more personal days than other workers because her child had the flu last winter. Hence, she is let go ahead of more "dedicated" employees.

My point isn't to rail about the possible injustice of the above scenario, but to merely point out that things are just as tough for those moms as it is for everyone else, and that they obviously feel the effects, the pressures, and are aware of economic problems facing us all.

Try being a mom who, perhaps, was once a "stay-at-home" type, and seeing their spouse struggle with unemployment or a part-time job because that is all there is, tries to go out there and get a job to make ends meet until, hopefully, things get better... no matter how old their child or children are.

It is hard out there for everyone. That letter was insulting on many levels. What are we? Idiotic twitterheads who can't fathom economic hardships because we are in some lala land of 1950's Betty Crocker sheltered life and went from high school right into our husband's kitchen and have never seen a paycheck in our lives? I don't think so. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the gravity of the misconception. I only hope that the person who wrote that letter simply watches too much Leave It To Beaver. Otherwise, what world are they living in? Heh. I went off on a feminist rant there. Pardon me. ;)

I would be willing to bet that 99% of "stay-at-home-moms" today were career women at some point. The modern era has meant, for many years, that men and women are both working individuals. Rare are the households that can survive on one income. Rare is the woman who has not had some kind of job. These women either had the luxury of being able to make the choice between their careers and staying at home with their children because their awesome husbands had GREAT jobs, or are out of work due to the unemployment woes that affect us all.

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