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A Party for All of Us

Common_Sense.jpgThroughout history, Whigs have traditionally stood for representative government, individual liberty, social and economic progress, modernization, public education, a vibrant legislative branch, and ongoing cooperation between the private and public sectors. Our forebears, the original American Whigs, built on those traditions and led the fledgling United States during a period of robust economic, social and political development in the years between the Revolution and the Civil War. We proudly point to some of the giants of American history in our lineage, including such leading lights as Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln, among others.

But while our roots may lie in history, we are a thoroughly contemporary political movement. We are informed by the past, not bound to it. Today, with our nation and our world facing more profound challenges than ever, we believe the traditional Whig emphasis on authentic public service, forward thinking, pragmatic planning, common sense and compromise offers the best blueprint for the betterment of our nation and our world. We believe deeply in the value of courageous service to our country, and we rely on methodology, not ideology, to map a way forward.    


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We are a Respectful Party

We are a respectful party – all of our constituents deserve to be heard and represented equally. Uncommon in today's America, we are a party that stands for everyone. Everyone has a voice and as long as you can let everyone else have theirs, we will have unity. We understand that people have differing opinions and beliefs. We hold every belief to the highest regard so long as it is....

Election Results

November Surprises

After two years of brutal politics, the Presidential election of 2016 has been decided, but I would not say it is in the rear view mirror just yet. Donald Trump has won, surprising even Republicans with the strength of support he had in blue states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Capitol Best

Why Are Americans Searching for Third Parties?

Over the last year interest in alternative political parties in the United States has skyrocketed. The American public is ready for a new political party.

The Modern Whigs Stand with Our Veterans

As a party founded by veterans, issues involving the well-being of our military personnel are of paramount concern to the Modern Whigs.

We believe those who sacrifice so much to serve their fellow citizens should be adequately compensated while on active duty, and provided with adequate pensions, health care, job training and other transitional and support services after discharge.

For us, treating our veterans and active duty personnel with the respect they deserve is more than a matter of prudent public policy -- it's a matter of our national honor.

Stand Up


The Modern Whig Party maintains an active grassroots network of volunteer leaders across the country. From the ground up, our members contribute their time, resources, and efforts as an act of patriotism and civic duty.

If you'd like to volunteer with fellow Whigs in your region, please select your state and fill out the signup form. One of our regional leaders will reach out to discuss how you can get more involved.