If I do not act for my nation, no one will do it for me.
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Our Letter To The American People

Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees. And both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.

- Henry Clay

The above statement by Henry Clay summarizes exactly what the Modern Whig Party and the Whig Philosophy or Whiggery is at its core; service for the benefit of the people. We don’t need to list examples about how our American government at all levels is not acting for the benefit of the people. All Americans paying attention can see the corruption, ineffective leadership, and ideological paralysis that are far too prevalent in today’s government and political system.

What We Believe

The Modern Whigs are a pragmatic, common sense, centrist-oriented party where rational solutions trump ideology and integrity trumps impunity.

Our core modern Whig philosophy relies on several fundamental tenets:

Where We Stand

Because Whigs value differences of opinion and independent thought, we do not necessarily take a position on every particular issue that may be fashionable for the moment. Instead, we propose a program of broad reforms that we believe will strengthen our country as it faces the challenges of the 21st century.

The Modern Whig party of the United States of America is the party for the rest of us, the party of patriots, the party of equality, the party of liberty, and the party of moderates.

We, the Modern Whigs, standing on the broad and firm platform of the Constitution, united by all of its inviolable and sacred guarantees and compromises, relying upon the intelligence of the American people, with an abiding confidence in their capacity for self-government and their devotion to the Constitution and to the United States of America, pledge to go forth with integrity, open-mindedness, pragmatism, and transparency as we pursue our civic duty.

- adapted from the preamble to the Modern Whig Party Constitution and By-Laws

The Whig Plan

We share the vision of the Whigs who have gone before us. Whigs have a rich history, from our Enlightenment-era beginnings in the 1600s to today. Our Whig forefathers espoused an enlightened approach to life in order to combat then current prejudices and come closer to the truth. This was not only in the field of science and philosophy, but also in governance. Today, more than ever, it is clear we need to replace the existing "truths" of governance in America with some new ones.

Please consider this thought....

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein

What Others are Saying

CNN's "Outfront" asks "What do you think of the Modern Whig Party?"

Christopher Moloney, writing on CNN's "Erin Burnett Outfront" blog, starts by asking "is it time for a new political party?" and finishes with "What do you think of the Modern Whig Party?" Sandwiched between those two questions is information about how the MWP came about, what its goals are, and how it has moved the values of the Whigs from the 1800s into the 21st century.

Gettin' Whiggy With It is "um... normal" says Comedy Central's Indecision

You have to be happy to have the attention of Comedy Central's Indecision even if the worst that they can say about you is that you are "normal".

Top 10 Alternative Political Movements

TIME Magazine rates the Modern Whig Party as one of the “top 10 most popular political movements worldwide.” TIME also declares, “They’re back!”

Two-party system strangling our democracy - Tulsa World

Interesting article that highlights undemocratic and unrepresentative ballot access issues in Oklahoma and across the nation. Also, mentions the Modern Whig Party and our work to bring innovative and non-radical ideas to government. Like and share!



Modern Whig Party of Delaware helping out environment

https://twitter.com/DelawareWhigs/status/440243824485732352/photo/1The Modern Whig Party of Delaware is a good example to all Whigs, Whig state chapters, and supporters across the nation in how you can get involved in your community. They are helping out their environment by adopting a highway in Delaware. By adopting a highway, Delaware Whigs volunteer to keep a stretch of highway clean from debris and litter.

New addition to National Executive Committee

We welcome Elizabeth Spencer Berthiaume to the National Executive Committee of the Modern Whig Party. Elizabeth is serving as an at-large member of the committee.

The Whig Party of Georgia, One of the oldest political parties in America is back in Georgia after over 150 years.

Feb. 28, 2014 - ATLANTA -- The Whig Party of Georgia Submitted the required political party registration to the Georgia Secretary of State. The registration is required in order to have a candidate listed on any ballot in the state. The last time the Whig Party was officially recognized in Georgia was 1853. Out of the first 12 Governors of Georgia 10 were Early Whigs. Whig Governors include: Archibald Bulloch, Button Gwinnett, John A. Treutlen and in 1843 George W. Crawford.

What Whigs and Friends Are Talking About

Let FREEDOM ring in the Ukraine…and the United States- by T.J. O'Hara

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., March 10, 2014 – The Ukrainian crisis seems to have caught many Americans by surprise, which is surprising in itself…or perhaps just disappointing. Our Nation and its leaders seem to be captivated by the moment; living in a Twitter-like world that carries an attention span of 140 hours instead of 140 characters. While it is discouraging with respect to our citizens, it is totally unacceptable with regard to our Government.

3 steps to fix the political system the Parties have broken- T.J. O'Hara

RANCHO SANTA FE, Ca., March 3, 2014 – Our political system is dysfunctional if not completely broken. It has become so corrosive that many citizens have abandoned any hope of changing it for the better. Others are inclined to commit their blind allegiance to a particular Party; convinced that it occupies the moral and intellectual high-ground while the other Party is comprised of only slightly-evolved Neanderthals. To paraphrase Eldridge Cleaver: Neither behavior represents part of the solution, but rather, both are part of the problem.

T.J. O'Hara-Will we survive the real Cold War?

Make sure you check out A Civil Assessment by T.J. O'Hara, the first presidential candidate supported by the Whigs since the1850's. T.J. is also the first "virtual President" having won the 2012 online election at www.wewantyou.us


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