Common Sense, Courage, Country

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Modern Whig Party News

Support for humanitarian efforts for Iraqi civilians

The Modern Whig Party of America supports U.S. humanitarian aid and relief efforts to prevent dehydration and starvation of Iraqi civilians. Many of these civilians are facing indiscriminate persecution and murder at the hands of ISIS. The Modern Whig Party should support the use of U.S. airstrikes designed to protect and prevent the slaughter of Iraqi civilians. The Modern Whig Party should also support the use of U.S. forces to aid in any possible evacuation of civilians if need be.

Modern Whig Party Creating an Army of Volunteer Support for Veterans Seeking Healthcare

On Monday, July 28, US Congress unveiled an agreement through the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees to reform the beleaguered Veterans Administration. The measure comes in the wake of a recent scandal involving health care access, whistleblower retaliation, and cover-up. At least 40 deaths are attributed to delays at the Phoenix facility alone. And, according to an internal VA audit, more than 120,000 veterans faced lengthy wait times or given no care at all.

July 2014-New additions to National Executive Committee

The Modern Whig Party wants to welcome Joe Brown to the National Executive Committee. Joe Brown will be serving as the MWP's new Director of Internet Operations. Joe will be working with the Internet Operations team to overseeing the MWP website and other Internet activities.

Modern Whig Party Blog

Veterans Benefits Administration Consumer Satisfaction Survey

For all Servicemembers, Veterans, or family members who are currently receiving compensation benefits, please be aware that J.D.

On my way south... Just a little.

For those in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I will be there from April 24th to April 28th.  If you have veterans or military related issues that you wish to discuss, please email me and we can set up a venue so that I can meet with you face to face.  The veterans crisis is not over yet.  If you have VA related incidents to report, or need help getting your disability claim done, let me assist you or refer you to someone local who can help.


Doug Harvey, LTC, MS, AKARNG (RET)

Director of Veterans and active Duty Affairs

Debt Ceiling Again

How is it that our debt stands at 18.1 trillion dollars and it seems that Washington is not paying attention or doing anything to lower the debt?  Earmarks added all over every bill.  We also have so many special programs that are not needed for our nation to move forward.  There needs to be some serious change made in Washington.  We have relied so many times for the Republicans and Democrats to do something.  But now Washington is just managed from one crisis to another there are no real efforts being made to change our dept problem or our economy.  We need some common sense back in Washington.  Not politicians that make it a living.  We need real change in this country.


What We Believe

The Modern Whigs are a pragmatic, common sense, centrist-oriented party where rational solutions trump ideology and integrity trumps impunity.

Our core modern Whig philosophy relies on several fundamental tenets:

Where We Stand

Because Whigs value differences of opinion and independent thought, we do not necessarily take a position on every particular issue that may be fashionable for the moment. Instead, we propose a program of broad reforms that we believe will strengthen our country as it faces the challenges of the 21st century.

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